Monday, June 1, 2009


I really don't know what happened. I kept saying I'll get to it tomorrow. One tomorrow turned into 65. I'm glad to say the tomorrows and the blogpause is over. I hope there's someone out there still following.

Here's what's kept me busy over the last couple of months.

* We implemented the new policy that allows media coverage at Dover AFB for the return of our fallen service members. It started on April 5 with media covering the return of Air Force Staff Sgt. Phillip Meyers from Hopewell, Va. Nearly 40 media representatives from 18 different media outlets covered the return of SSgt. Meyers. Since then the numbers of media covering returns have dropped off significantly. I'm very proud of all the Air Force PA professionals who have taken part in ensuring the media operation for the returns is done professionally and with respect to the dignified transfer. They have gotten nothing but the highest of praise from AF leadership.

* We announced the preferred basing alternatives for Global Strike Command and the new Cyber Numbered Air Force. These announcements are but one step in the process of securing a new home for these commands. The important aspect for me personally is that we're watching history being made for our Air Force. Global Strike Command is a direct result of the reinvigoration of the nuclear enterprise in the Air Force and a testament to the great work being done at all levels to ensure our nuclear mission is safe, sound and secure. The Cyber NAF will be on the cutting-edge of cyber operations for the U.S., defending important computer systems from attack.

* We also welcomed our new director of Public Affairs, Col Les Kodlick. Col Kodlick is a career PA. His first priority is resources and he's carrying on the fight to properly staff our career field in this dynamic communication environment. He brings the freshness of the field and the experience of a tried and true professional to the job. I know we'll be doing more with Les.

Again, the blogpause is over. I look forward to future postings.

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