Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the Worldwide

I am truly looking forward to what us old-timers call "the Worldwide." It's our Public Affairs Professional Development Seminar scheduled for 17-19 March in Washington, D.C. Back in "the day" it was called the Worldwide Public Affairs Conference. We referred to it as simply "the Worldwide," and I'm glad that name has stuck through the years.

I don't have a problem living in the past but this Worldwide is dedicated to the now and the future. And, it has to be.

The theme of the Worldwide is Lead the Revolution. I've discussed before that we're somewhere on a continuum of a communication revolution that started in the early- to mid- 1980s. This Worldwide will embrace that revolution and hopefully we'll establish the foundation for how we'll research, plan, execute and evaluate our PA mission now and into the near future.

We'll be establishing the expectation of engagement for our PAs. We're pretty strapped for people across the board these days but we're going to help our PAs to do some things that are easy and fast and effective that will get them engaging more and more with their local communities and local media.

We'll give everyone a heavy dose of new media at the Worldwide. I actually believe the current technology in the communication revolution can make our job a bit easier, especially in these times of dwindling resources. We're all just a few clicks away from being connected with the world as more and more people start looking to the Internet to receive and pass information.

The timing is right for us. We finally have the capabilities in one place--Multimedia pros, Bandsmen, Broadcaster, Journalists--to craft products that are ready-made for now media.

I'm also looking forward to the Worldwide banquet. I hope we'll have several member of the Air Force Public Affairs Alumni Association at the banquet. I want them to see that they have left an endearing legacy of excellence and excitement about the communication mission. I know they will be impressed with all of our PA professionals.

Hope to see you at the Worldwide!