Thursday, March 26, 2009

Leading the Revolution one Speech at a Time

One of the favorite parts of my job is getting to speak to a lot of groups about the PA mission. Many times the groups are other PAs and sometimes the groups are future commanders or others taking classes and there is a communication block on the schedule.

Today I'll speak to a joint class of future PA officers and then I'll do an AF-unique class. I plan on telling the joint class that now is the right time to be getting into our business. Communication expertise is a critical asset and force multiplier for commanders. We have some cultural challenges across the military concerning communication--but it's up to us to start breaking those down. Now is the perfect time because the communication environment is going through revolutionary change--we need to be the experts on how to deal with that change and how communication helps the commander accomplish the mission.

Wednesday's F-22 crash is a perfect example of the changes we've seen. There were about 900 news stories on the crash. Most papers picked up the AP and Reuters reports. But there were also thousands of blog entries and Twitter messages concerning the crash. People getting their information from each other is the new deal in global communication and I'm glad we're diving head-first into the deep-end of the pool. The town square is back in fashion and this time it's virtual.

One other note on the F-22 crash. Please remember the family of Lockheed-Martin pilot David Cooley in your thoughts and prayers. David was 49 years old and a 21-year veteran of the Air Force.

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