Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm looking forward to Wednesday's speech at the Social Media Strategies for DoD and Government conference. I'll be talking about how the Air Force is using new media to deliver messages and how our aim is to get all Airmen involved in telling the AF story from their perspective.
With PA resources continuing to dwindle and, with what's left being syphoned off to deployments and new stateside taskings, it's important that all Airmen are equipped with the ROI (Rules of Information) to engage about the Air Force with their friends and colleagues through communication vehicles like Facebook, blogs and Twitter. We need them out there communicating. I'm often asked how many PAs do we need in the AF, I tell them 331,700. Every Airman truly now has the ability to be a communicator.
I plan on explaining my theory that we're in a communication revolution and that the revolution has to an exploding communication environment where we all, not just the media, choose when, where and how we get information.
The Air Force story may not be compelling. We had a meeting and from that told a couple of people to figure out what's going on and then throw us in the deep-end of the pool. We've been swimming ever since. We've published a new media guidebook to help people get engaged and we've added courses at Defense Information School.
Many still feel threatened by new media. I think it's akin to talking to your neighbor on your front porch. With new media we can engage in conversations and communicate a message just like with talk with the person next door and share information.
I'm looking forward to a great conference.

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